Jeannie and Lorraine     Lorraine Ebdon, Chaulait Italian Greyhounds
Jeannie Love, Amore` Italian Greyhounds


Welcome to our website! We are Jeannie Love, of Amore` Italian Greyhounds and Lorraine Ebdon, of Chaulait Italian Greyhounds.

We are both deeply in love with and very dedicated to our Italian Greyhounds. We both strive to breed the finest dogs and are proud to present to you our Italian Greyhounds of Distinction™.

If you would like to contact us please email us on our Contact page. We look forward to communicating with you. If you want to email Jeannie, her email is amoreig@yahoo.com. If you want to email Lorraine, her email is chaulait98@gmail.com

If you are a prospective buyer, and are interested in purchasing one of our IGs, please complete and submit the Buyer Questionnaire or go to our Contact Page and complete it there.