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Lucy At Her New Home

Sirri, formerly known as Lucy, is happy in her new home. She now knows how to use the doggy door and plays with great abandon with her older Italian Greyhound room mate, Zippy.

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Update on Closer and Oro

Last week both Closer and Oro went to their new homes, but I didn’t have much information to add onto the blog.  I have just received the updates: Closer goes by the name of...

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Puppies At Their New Homes!

Our litter of puppies is now down to 2! Keyster, now named Tucker, has gone to his new home down south.  His new owner, Julie, picked him up yesterday and both Julie and her...

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Puppies at 9 Weeks Old

The puppies seemed to have grown a lot over the past week and are they active! They are now very well socialized and they are delighted being in the company of people. They love...

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Puppies at 8 Weeks Old

This past week we were at the Ventura Summerfest and were able to spend a great deal of time with Lorraine and the puppies. Needless to say they are growing in both stature and...

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Puppies at 7 Weeks Old

The featured image shows what the puppies do so very well…sleep! And when they sleep they can really sleep! As with the previous weeks the puppies have grown larger and are much more active....

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Puppies at 6 Weeks Old

The puppies are now looking more like dogs and are very active, running around, chasing each other, tackling each other, and eating like horses. As we sit down with these puppies we are definitely...

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Puppies at 5 Weeks Old

The puppies are now 5 weeks old and are growing quickly and becoming very active. If you notice, they are very well fed…fact is, Mattie might be a little too well fed. We are...

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Puppies at 4 Weeks Old

The puppies are growing rapidly and are getting more active.  They are able to see and hear, but most importantly for now, they can stand and stack (well, sort of). Here is Puppy 1,...