How I Feed My Italian Greyhounds
by Jeannie Love

There are as many different views on this subject as there are people feeding their dogs.  What do I feed?  Currently, I am using a high quality kibble, Canadae®, mixed with a teaspoon of a high quality canned food (Natural Balance Pet Foods®, Canadae®, Wellness®, Evangers, etc.).  I change the canned food every day to give the dogs some variety.  I feed twice/day, giving 1/2 cup kibble plus 1 tsp. canned and mix it with a warmed broth made from chicken skins. 

For treats, I give raw (yes, RAW) chicken necks (skin removed and used for broth).  All my dogs enjoy the chicken necks, but they only get 1 or 2 a week.  For other treats I offer rawhide chewies (always make sure they are made in the USA—those made in China or South America are tanned with formaldehyde so be sure to check the origin of any product you feed your dogs). 

For everyday rewards and training (i.e., everytime a dog responds correctly to a command, like “crate” and they jump in their crates), I give one individual kibble—Evo® Grain Free Red Meat, large bites.  This is a very high quality kibble and is expensive, but the dogs respond to it very well…again, one kibble at a time for a treat. 

A word of caution—please do not put your dogs on a vegetarian diet—dogs are CARNIVORES and REQUIRE meat to live a healthy, active life.  If you choose to be a vegan or vegetarian, great, but don’t push your choice on your dogs—they need animal protein (beef, lamb, liver, chicken, buffalo, fish, eggs, etc.).

How I Feed My Italian Greyhounds
by Lorraine Ebdon

I was motivated to feed my Italian Greyhounds a home prepared raw food diet after reading articles in The Whole Dog Journal.  I purchased and read a book written by Veterinarian Dr. Piticairn and I follow his recipes.  I use a variety of protein, including turkey, chicken, chicken gizzards, chicken necks, eggs, beef, beef heart, and beef liver.  I am not opposed to using other proteins but I find the proteins mentioned are the most affordable.   I noticed a big improvment in coat quality and I believe that feeding human grade food supports the dogs immune system, thereby making them better able to fight off disease.

I have been feeding this way for over ten years and am thrilled with the results.  I do give my dogs a small portion (1/8 of a cup) of a high quality kibble with their raw diet.  This is a precaution so that if I ever find myself in a situation where I am unable to provide a raw food diet for my dogs, their digestive systems will not be upset.  I would encourage anybody who is interested in feeding raw, to go the The Whole Dog Journal web site for a list of articles and quality books on the subject.  I would  encourage anyone interested in raw diets to read the entire book to get a good understanding of complete nutritional requirements.