Puppies, Sugar Ray x KeKe, April 2013

Important Notice
Please be informed that we have received many inquiries regarding the availability of this litter, but as of today, April 12, 2013, these puppies have been spoken for.  In the event that one of these deals falls through, and you are still interested in one of the puppies, please complete and email to us the Prospective Buyers Questionnaire found on our website:  http://amoreandchaulaitigs.com/prospective_buyer_questionnaire.html

Announcing a new breeding here at Amore` – sire is Ch. Amore’s Rebel Fighter, call name Sugar Ray, and dam is Ch. Salswift Cherokee Rose d’Amore`, call name Keke.  Keke produced five beautiful puppies in her first litter and we’re hoping this will be as nice as that beautiful litter.  Four of the five puppies in Keke’s first litter are show quality and are either already being shown or are in training for their debut in the show ring.  Sugar Ray is a first-time daddy and we are anxious to see how he produces.  Watch this site for pictures of the babies after they are born (around mid-April).  A pedigree for this litter follows.

Pedigree for Puppies from the mating of:
CH Amore’s Rebel Fighter
CH Salswift Cherokee Rose D’Amore

Sugar Ray x Keke 2

                              Sire                                                                Dam
            CH Amore’s Rebel Fighter                  CH Salswift Cherokee Rose D’Amore
                  call name: Sugar Ray                                        call name: Keke

Please note that the dogs listed in the Pedigree below, in red ink, denotes Italian Greyhounds in the ancestry that have earned Championship status

Sugar Ray x Keke Notepad

 Keke is just a few days away!

Keke is expecting her second litter next week sometime.  Poor girl is very uncomfortable now. She delivered five healthy puppies in her first litter….how many do you think she will have this time?  Watch this space for updates and pictures of the puppies after they are born.


Keke Whelped 4 Beautiful Puppies
April 12, 2013

Keke whelped 4 beautiful large bitches this afternoon, and they are as individualistically colored or marked as you can imagine.  Keke was in labor for 1-1/2 hours and delivered her first puppy with help from Jeannie.  Her other puppies’ deliveries were much easier, and the last one shot out of her like a cork from a champagne bottle.  Mother and puppies are doing very well.

puppy 1a cropped

Puppy 1
Puppy 1 is a seal and white bitch with Irish markings.  She has a full white collar, white tail tip, white feet, and a prominent white spot along her spine, above her hips. She tipped the scales at 7.5 ounces.


puppy 2a cropped

Puppy 2
Puppy 2 is a red (mahogany) and white bitch.  She has a solid red topside with a white chest, white tail tip, and white toes. She tipped the scales at 8 ounces.


puppy 3b cropped

Puppy 3
Puppy 3 is a black and white bitch with Wild Irish markings. Her colors are very flashy in appearance, with a broad white collar, broad white band across her rump, white tail tip and white feet.  She tipped the scales at 7.3 ounces.


puppy 4a cropped

Puppy 4
Puppy 4 is a dark seal and white bitch.  She has a white chest, white tail tip, white feet, and a few streaks of white on her collar. She tipped the scales at 7.1 ounces.

April 17, 2013 Update
Puppies 5 Days Old and Getting Chubby!

Thanks to a steady and constant supply of Keke’s milk, the puppies are getting nice and chubby!  They were large when they were born, and now, thanks to their ravenous appetites, they look like baked potatoes on stilts.

puppy 1, apr 17 cropped

Puppy 1, who I nicknamed Spot, due to the white spot on her rump, has lightened considerably.  She had a nice seal coloration when born, but now sports a deep red coat.

puppy 2, apr 17 cropped

Puppy 2 was the heaviest at birth with a dark mahogany coat. She also seems to be the longest of the puppies, so her weight is more evenly distributed along her length.

puppy 3, apr 17 cropped

Puppy 3, the black and white one with coloration similarities to a Holstein, is a wildly, Wild Irish puppy.  Her colors and markings are quite eye catching and impressive.

puppy 4, apr 17 cropped

Puppy 4, was the last and the smallest of the litter. She is also the darkest though we are still not sure if she is a dark seal or if she is black.

All the puppies are in excellent shape thanks to the care provided by their mother, Keke.  This is her second litter, and she has proven to be an outstanding mother. 

April 27, 2013 Update
Puppies 2 Weeks Old and Triple Their Birth Weight!
This litter is a ravenous one and they have tripled their birth weight in just 2 weeks.  Keke is constantly eating just to keep ahead of her puppies, and it is just wearing her out.
Keke worn out with 2nd litter
She is a great mother and performs her duties even while taking a snooze.
puppy 1, apr 27 cropped
Puppy 1, nicknamed Spot, is dark red and white female, has a full white collar, white tail tip, white feet, white spot on hip.  She may be dark red, and was a breech birth.  She was the first born, arriving at 3:46 pm on April 12, 2013.  She weighed 7.5 oz at birth, but now tips the scale at 1 lb 10.5 oz.
puppy 2, apr 27, cropped
Puppy 2 is a red and white female, has a white tail tip, white chest, white toe tip, no white on her face, and no white on her collar. She was born head first and arrived at 5:10 pm. She weighed 8.0 oz at birth, but now tips the scale at 1 lb 6.6 oz. 
puppy 3, apr 27 cropped
Puppy 3, nicknamed Abbie, is a black and white Wild Irish marked female. She is very flashy, with a white tail tip, broad white across her lower back, full white collar, white muzzle, and a white spear point mark on her head. She was born head first and arrived at 5:44 pm. She weighed 7.3 oz at birth, but now tips the scales at 1 lb 9.3 oz.
puppy 4, apr 27 cropped
Puppy 4, is a black and white female, has a whte chest, white feet, some white on back of her neck, white tail tip, a bit of white on the left size of her muzzle. She popped out of Keke so quickly that we were unable to get the video camera to record the event; she arrived head first at 6:34 pm. She weighed 7.1 oz at birth, so she was the runt of the litter, however she now weighs 1 lb 7.6 oz, moving her up to number 3 in terms of weight.
May 5, 2013 Update
Puppies are growing and walking
These puppies are growing at a rapid pace and they are now walking around their pen…at 3 weeks of age!  Keke must really have some supercharged milk, because that must be the reason why Abby, the black and white Wild Irish bitch, is wandering all over the place.  Sally, you will have your hands full with this girl!  One thing for sure, Keke whelps beautiful puppies!

May 9, 2013 Update
The puppies, or should I say the little rollie pollies, have just discovered solid food and the ravenous little tykes wasted little time in acquainting themselves with real food.  Truth is a couple of them were enjoying their taste so much that it didn’t seem like they came up for air!
May 9, puppies eating solids for first time
Sniff, chomp chomp, goggle, yum! Our compliments to the chef!
May 9, 4 puppies eating
Little Red Girl, upper left, is saying “I can’t believe I ate the whole thing!” Meanwhile, Spot (lower left) looks like she ate the whole thing…and then some!
May 9, puppies with Keke on cushion
Little Black Girl getting in the last call before the bar closes.
May 9, 4 puppies sleeping, cropped
The 4 girls, from left to right, Spot, Abby, Little Red Girl, and Little Black Girl are taking their well deserved siesta.  After all, eating is hard work!
May 21, 2013 Update
Puppies are Growing!

The puppies are growing and have gained a little weight…over double their weight of April 27!  These little girls love to eat their puppy kibbles, but still take an occasional hit on Keke’s rapidly dwindling milk supply.  The puppies’ teeth are sharp and they love to test them on anything available…Keke, our fingers, our toes, the furniture!  But they are really cute!

spot head shot 2

Puppy 1, Spot, weighed 1 lb 10 oz, but weighed out at 3 lb 9.2 oz today. Her namesake white spot on her rump is rapidly disappearing, so perhaps we should be calling her Spotless. She is the largest of the puppies and is very outgoing and confident. She is also very cute!

fawn dog, side shot

Puppy 2, Red and White, weighed 1 lb 6.6 oz, but weighed out at 3 lb 4.1 oz today. She has been one of the more quite ones, but today not only did she hold her own against her siblings, Spot and Abby, she took the battle to them. She looks very much like her step sister, Spirit.

abby, side shot

Puppy 3, Abby, weighed 1 lb 9.3 oz, but weighed out at 3 lb 7 oz today. She is a boldly colored, Wild Irish pup that is the most outgoing of the litter and loves to romp and explore around the room. We really need to keep an eye on her…she is going to be an outstanding PIA!

black, face on

Puppy 4, Black and White, weighed 1 lb 7.6 oz, but weighed out at 3 lb 4.1 oz today. She is a very mellow and cuddly puppy, but she also loves to explore and chomp on all sorts of things. As with all her siblings, this one is a very cute puppy.

spot and fawn head on 2
 Here is both Spot and Red/White girl posing for the camera.  What a cute pair!

Puppies Are Off To Their New Homes!

 The Keke/Sugar Ray babies are now 14 weeks old and are heading off to their new homes. We normally breed a litter only when one of us wants a new show puppy; however, this litter was bred because several people who had purchased puppies from Jeannie previously were ready for another IG.

 The little black girl, now named Amore’s Mint Julip,

black, face on

is living with Doni Villavoso in New Orleans, LA. Doni purchased a non-show male from Jeannie eight years ago and wanted a companion for him. She now has Jazz and Julip.


The solid red girl, now named Amore’s Sugar and Spice,

sugar 2, cropped

is off to her now home in Boston, MA, to live with Mary, Mike and Amanda Davikos. Mary purchased a non-show male from Jeannie 19 years ago. He lived to be 18 years old. It took a year for her to be able to think about another puppy and we’re so glad she contacted Jeannie again. These two families are the reason we decided to bred this litter.

 The flashy red/white girl, now named Amore’s Penny Lane,

spot, head shot

is living locally in Camarillo, CA and will be shown.

 And the fourth girl (the wild colored black and white puppy) now named Amore’ and Salswift’s Collaboration (Abbie),

abby, head on

will be going to live with respected breeder Sally Smyth of Salswift Italian Greyhounds in Seattle, WA. Sally is Keke’s breeder and has wanted a black/white puppy for awhile. When she heard about Abbie, she immediately said “I want her!”

It’s always difficult to say goodbye to the puppies but it makes me feel so good to know how happy I’m making these four families.