Puppies, Rebel x Keke, Feb 2012



Pedigree for Puppies from the mating of:
BISS CH Amore’s Rebel Without A Cause
CH Salswift Cherokee Rose D’Amore

                               Sire                                                              Dam
BISS CH Amore’s Rebel Without A Cause  CH Salswift Cherokee Rose D’Amore 

Please note that the dogs listed in the Pedigree below, in red ink, denotes Italian Greyhounds in the ancestry that have earned Championship status.

PUPPY PEDIGREE – This breeding coupled an outstanding “Salswift” pedigree, Ch. Cherokee Rose D’Amore, with the “Amore`” pedigree of our Specialty Best in Show sire, Ch. Rebel Without A Cause, resulting in a 6-generation pedigree that has only 11 dogs (out of 62) who are non-AKC champions.  This pedigree is the result of a combination of more than 60 years of breeding experience and breed knowledge.


NOTE: With the exception of the first two photos, all other photos can be enlarged by clicking on them.

Here are Rebel’s and Keke’s new litter, born on February 19, 2012!

Keke and her puppies taken early this  morning…beautiful!

Photo on the left is the little red boy and the photo on the right is the little fawn girl. The puppies had their first visit to the vet’s office for a checkup and to have their dewclaws removed. We do this so the puppies do not accidently rip the dew claws off if they were to catch on an object while playing and running around.

New Puppy Photos, February 26, 2012


This is boy 1, a mahogany and white colored puppy, nicknamed Bubbles (a temporary identification name) due to several bubble shaped spots on his neck.

This is girl 1, a black masked, mahogany colored puppy.

This is boy 2, a chestnut colored puppy.


This is girl 2, a chestnut-mahogany colored puppy.  She is the largest of the litter.

This is girl 3, a red fawn puppy. These puppies will not be given their formal names until they get a little older and we can observe their traits and behavior.

 Puppies in a group photo, February 29, 2012

These little puppies are full and content! They look like little piglets, don’t they?  We are waiting for them to open their eyes, and it should happen soon.

Videos of the puppies, March 4, 2012
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Introduction to our 5 puppies

Nap time

Keke and her puppies

These puppies are ravenous!  Poor Keke is under constant attack, but she is an excellent mother and has outstanding motherly instincts! This is the reason why these puppies are so chunky!  (FYI, you can increase the video size by clicking the icon to the left of the Kaltura emblem on the bottom tool bar under each video)

New photos, March 8, 2012

These puppies are getting bigger each day!

Videos of puppies, March 11, 2012

For those of you that are keeping track of the puppies, we have some temporary names assigned to them, and we are currently using them in our videos..

Boy 1 is Bubbles
Boy 2 is Red Boy
Girl 1 is Patch
Girl 2 is Blaze
Girl 3 is Fawn Girl

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Puppies by name

Puppies by name, part 2

The puppies are not only growing, some of them are showing some rolls of fat, similar to a Shar Pei! Another thing we are noting are color changes, with nose color changes, white border colors darkening, and some coats turning to lighter shades.

Their eyes are opened, and some are starting to stumble around the pen. Today we trimmed their claws for the first time; they were similar to cats’ claws in that they were quite sharp.

We’ll have some more family videos up later this week.

Keke and her pups, March 11, 2012

Keke and pups

Keke and her pups are a lot of fun to watch.  It will become much more interesting when the puppies start walking.  We hope this takes place this coming weekend.  If it happens, we will be there to record it.

Keke and her pups, March 18, 2012
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Puppies prowling

Puppies by name

Puppies activities

New puppy videos, March 24, 2012
The babies are growing so fast and are developing individual personalities and traits.  We hope you enjoy the latest videos of the babies at five weeks old.  Watch as they play, eat, sleep and get their toenails trimmed.

Puppies 1

Puppies 2

Puppies 3

Keke and her puppies, March 27, 2012

Puppies, April 1, 2012

     Red Boy checking out the grass                Patch getting some rays with Lorraine

                Nattie taking a snooze                         Blaze and Red Boy taking a snooze

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Backyard, first time

Here are the puppies in their first trip outside, exploring the wilderness of Lorraine’s back yard.  They went from being timid to becoming bold explorers.  We have noticed that they have become much more active than they were last week.

Puppies, April 8, 2012

These puppies have changed in their physical appearance since they were born.  Check their 1st week photos at the top of the page, then come back and see their current photos. The most noticeable change is in their coats, but we can now see their personalities, and some of these puppies are real characters!

                         Blaze                               Sonny (formerly known as Bubbles)

                           Nattie                                                             Patch

                           Red Boy                                   Nattie, Red Boy, Patch, and Blaze

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Puppies and chicken backs

The puppies are getting their first chicken backs, and are they enjoying them!

Puppies, April 15, 2012

Today the puppies were given their first stacking opportunity.  For the most part they did pretty well.  We are seeing their personalities emerge and they are socializing extremely well with everyone that comes to visit.

                    Stacking Blaze                                           Stacking Nattie

                   Stacking Patch                                          Stacking Red Boy

                    Stacking Sonny                                               The End

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Julie’s getting mobbed

This video shows the gregarious nature of the puppies.


This video shows the puppies getting their first stacking experiences.

Puppies, April 22, 2012

Here are some observations on our puppies.

Although she was originally called Big Girl, and was the largest of the litter, she is now second in size to Sonny.  Blaze is a loveable puppy, often the first one to find an open lap, but is becoming more outgoing every week.  She is red and white with a flame like marking on her forehead.

Formerly known as Red Boy, he is the smaller male with the red left forepaw.  He tends to be more independent than the others and is often found by himself and I have noticed him up and around while the other puppies are asleep in their ex pen. However he can also be quite gregarious and is extremely friendly.  Maestro is red and white with black ear margins and a black and white mask.

Formerly known as the Fawn Girl, she sports the lightest coat of the litter, with colors very similar to her father, Rebel.  She is a very cute girl and has a very nice disposition.  She has a broad white chest with a fawn coat and beautiful dark eyes, nose and lip pigment. Her eye rims appear to have been done by a makeup artist – they are outlined in black.

She is aptly named with a small white patch above her left shoulder.  This one is a character, constantly in the doghouse with Keke. Although she is one of the smaller puppies, she is the most spirited.  Oddly enough, she sported a mahogany coat when she was whelped, but faded to a red fawn.  As with Maestro, Patch has black ear margins and a black and white mask.

Formerly known as Bubbles, he is now the largest puppy in the litter. Lorraine has noticed that he has an attitude and demeanor similar to that of his father, Rebel. He was originally nicknamed Bubbles due to several bubble like markings on the back of his neck. Those bubbles have merged, so he is now known as Sonny, which means son of Rebel.  He is a red fawn and white and also has a broad white chest.

Videos and photo, April 22, 2012

                                                     Patch on the attack!!!

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Puppies at Jeannie’s

Puppies at Jeannie’s 2nd day

Photos and Video, April 29, 2012

This being the puppies’ 10th week we decided to measure their height at the withers.

Blaze       10.75″
Maestro     9.75″
Nattie       10.00″
Patch       10.00″
Sonny      11.50″

Blaze, who was the largest at birth, is now in second place, while Maestro, who was the smallest at birth, brings up the rear.


                               Blaze                                                           Maestro

                              Nattie                                                              Patch

              Blaze, Sonny & Maestro                Gary with Maestro, Jeannie with Blaze,
& Lorraine with Sonny

Puppies playing outside

Puppies Report, May 11, 2012

We were unable to visit Lorraine last week, but in the interim the puppies have grown! We were once again surprised at their growth rate, but it is to be expected since this is their formative growth period.

Yesterday the first of Keke’s puppies went to his new home.  Maestro, registered name Amore` and Chaulait’s Symphony by The Rebel, is now happily living with Gary, Julie and Miko in Torrance.  The other four puppies will remain with us for a few more weeks while we are deciding which puppies to keep in the breeding program.

Although we expected that Maestro would have some separation anxiety, being away from his mother, brother and sisters for the first time, as well as being separated from Lorraine, he has adjusted to his new environment extremely well.  It should be noted that he was the most independent puppy in the litter, and would often be seen doing things by himself, yet he is a very sociable and loving dog.  Last night Maestro slept in his pen peacefully and quietly, to everyones’ pleasant surprise, with no separation anxiety whatsoever!

Maestro is an ardent face licker and is the lap dog that Julie has been yearning for since the passing of their first IG, Billy. Male IGs seem to be more affectionate than their female counterparts, often snuggling with their owners and crawling under the covers with them. Give him an opportunity and bang…he is in their laps!

Maestro has a good appetite and only had one little accident in the family room (which is to be expected with a new puppy).  Maestro looks to be very happy in his new home and we couldn’t ask for more!  Maestro will begin his show training in the near future – we strongly feel that he will be a very successful show dog and are looking forward to presenting this lively red boy to the show world,

Keke has come through the experience with flying colors and is now at home with Jeannie.  She will be bred to the handsome Ch. Amore’s Don Juan on her next heat cycle.  Please continue to watch our blog for updates about this future breeding.

Maestro in his new home!

Puppies’ Reunion, May 27, 2012

Today we had our first puppy reunion at Lorraine’s place. Last week Jewel, Spirit and Sonny moved to Jeannie’s place for evaluation.  If you noticed, names have changed since our last posting, so here are the new names: Maestro and Sonny still retained their names, but Blaze is now named Jewel; Nattie is now named Gracie; and Patch is now named Spirit.  We also remeasured them, officially with a wicket, and here are their heights:

Gracie, 11-1/4″
Jewel, 11-3/4″
Maestro, 11-1/4″
Spirit, 11-1/4″
Sonny, 13″

Sonny is a large puppy and has huge feet, so we feel that he will be 16+” at full growth. Since he also has a retained testicle and therefore he will not be a show dog, but, considering his very active personality, he should be a very good candidate as an agility dog,

Spirit has mellowed a bit and she doesn’t seem to be the instigator any more. However, old habits die hard, and she still gets disciplined by and regularly talks back to her mom Keke.

Maestro is adjusting very well to his new home, but Gary is considering a name change to Sir Poop-A-Lot.  This may be due to a change in diet since Lorraine feeds her dogs a raw diet and Gary and Julie feed Maestro a canned food and kibble mix.

Jewel is still a jumper and biter, and loves to target ears, although any appendage will suffice. She seems to tire the fastest among the dogs and then reverts to being a lap dog.

Gracie, who has the cutest face of all the puppies, is Lorraine’s dog.  We noticed that she has become very assertive, and though is quite a bit smaller than Sonny, readily stands up to him and even carries the battle back to him.






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