Rebel and Keke’s Puppies Have Grown Up


It has been over 2 years since Rebel and Keke’s puppies were born, and I am happy to say that they are all grown, and happily living with their owners. The puppies were all given their official AKC names, and also their call names. They are as follows:

  • Chaulait’s By the Grace of Rebel, call name Gracie
  • Amore` and Chaulait’s Sent From Heaven by Rebel, call name Sonny
  • Amore` and Chaulait’s She’s a Rebel at Heart, call name Jewel
  • Amore` and Chaulait’s Spirit of the Rebel, call name Spirit
  • Amore` and Chaulait’s Symphony by the Rebel, call name Maestro

Gracie was expertly handled by Lorraine, and did quite well in the show ring. She has the cutest face of all the puppies, and as the lightest color coat of all the puppies. She has earned both her AKC Championship and her AKC Grand Championship!

Gracie, closeup

Sonny was sold to his new owner, Daniel, who lives in New York City. Sonny is a big, active Italian Greyhound, and he and Daniel play together at all hours of the day and night. Sonny is a champion oval track racer and is represented by an agent.  He recently appeared in Vogue with Seth Meyers.

Sonny, closeup

Jewel was the largest of the litter when she was born, and is owned by Lorraine. Although she is shy, she has progressed in her lead training and has done so well that it surprised us.  She has earned both her AKC Championship and her AKC Grand Championship!

Jewel, closeup

Spirit was the most active of all the puppies, and was constantly in hot water with Keke. She is owned by Jeannie, and when she was born, she was the darkest of all the puppies, with a mahogany colored coat. Her colors of faded to a medium red, but she still sports a beautiful black mask. She was the last of the litter to enter the ring, and she is now pointed out and needs 2 majors to finish her AKC Championship!

Spirit, closeup

Maestro was the most independent of all the puppies, and is owned by Gary and Julie. He has a lovely red coat, and is the only dog in the litter that does not have a white tipped tail. This guy is a real food lover and is constantly running into the kitchen when he hears a knife chopping things.  Typical Pavlovian reaction! He received both his AKC Championship and his AKC Grand Championship in 2014!

Maestro, closeupNeedless to say this litter has been an amazing one! We call them the Fab Five and they are just fabulous Italian Greyhounds!