GCH Amore’s Rebel Fighter

Amore's Rebel Fighter 10Grand Champion, Amore’s Rebel Fighter, call name “Sugar Ray,” is the son of top winning Ch. Amore’s Rebel Without A Cause and Ch. Pikop Your Amore` at Chaulait (Trix).  When Sugar was born, he was extremely small but fought for every breath and struggled to nurse.  Within days of his birth, he was pushing his way past his larger littermates to the milk bar; hence, his name became Rebel Fighter.  We didn’t want to call him Rebel (his father’s call name), so since he is so sweet and fought to stay alive, his call name became Sugar Ray.  He is very affectionate and has us both wrapped around his little paws and just loves when Lorraine (his “other mother”) visits us on show weekends.

FYI, Sugar Ray is prominently portrayed atop every page on our website.  Betty Hogan, of FTI Dart Dog Portraits, was extremely impressed with Sugar Ray when she was taking his portraits, and thanks to her, we have our masthead symbol!

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Pedigree of Amore's Rebel Fighter, cropped