Dear Ms. Love:

While searching for find Debby Mangold, to let her know and thank her, I came across your web site. Copper and Twister have been in our family since they were young. Their daddy was Mira The heir Apparent and mommy was Martini-Shaken, not Stirred.

We lost my beautiful Twister man at 15 1/2 years. He was my little love bug. Sweetest little man with the most beautiful eyes that would grab your heart. He had a such a beautiful gait. We had silly people ask us if he was a baby deer. He was my office mascot and, yes, he had his own chair.

Yesterday, we lost Copper, my sweet baby girl, who would have been 17 years old on 7/24/2015. She was my little red girl with the type A personality when she was young. She became my home office mascot after we lost Twister, while retaining her well known status of being daddy’s little girl when my husband came home.

They were never in an accident, had an injury or broken bone, nor any illness or surgery (except to be spayed/neutered).

Looking through the pics on your site brought tears flowing down my face, as I could see my Copper and Twister in your dogs. I had to email you to tell you how wonderful (and less lost), it made me feel to see the line they came from continues on. When our hearts heal, we may be contacting you.

I want to thank you for breeding such sweet, intelligent, healthy dogs. Those high standards of breeding allowed us to be blessed with many wonderful years filled with beautiful iggy memories.

Sending thanks and blessings to you and yours,

Ric and Joyce Ghahate


Jeannie & Lorraine maintain a first-class breeding program. My dog, Cosmo, is the offspring of two Grand Champions. He is healthy (good proportions & a beautiful coat), happy, social, affectionate, and a wonderful companion. Jeannie kept her litter until 12 weeks, and the puppies were raised in a good home with much love & attention. I am so pleased with Cosmo. (I previously had his great uncle Comet, with whom Cosmo shares many wonderful IG traits).

Dan Clark
Studio City, CA


Jeannie and Lorraine are two superb breeders, dog handlers, and most importantly are our dear friends. They have helped us in every aspect of dog ownership; from selecting the puppy to caring for it, from feeding the puppy to showing it. They are definitely people of outstanding character.

Jeannie and Lorraine treat their dogs as family members, and they treat the people that are fortunate enough to be able to purchase one of their puppies as extended family members. If you have any questions regarding an Amore/Chaulait Italian Greyhound that you purchased, they will answer it, or get back to you in an expeditious manner. They want to ensure that you have all their accumulated knowledge and foresight so that both you and your dog will have enjoyable life together.

Over the years we have had 4 Italian Greyhounds from Jeannie and Lorraine. Billy Ray was the first and was with us for 17 years! We currently have 3 at home: Miko (Amore’s Euphoria), 4 years old; Maestro (GCH Amore and Chaulait’s Symphony By The Rebel) at 3 years old; and most recently Lilly (Amore’s Wish Upon A Star), who just turned 1.

When we got Miko, as a companion dog, she was smallest but cutest bitch that Jeannie has ever whelped. Miko has a character that is as big as she is small. In her mind she is the star of the family and therefore is also the alpha dog. Her nickname is Bossy.

Next came our first show dog, Maestro, a lovable red and white male. We learned a great deal from Jeannie and Lorraine, as well as from our training class teachers Jeff and Darcy. Since Maestro constantly strives for love and attention, we nicknamed him Needy. Maestro really opened our eyes to dog shows…we were hooked!

Last year we received Lilly, a boldly marked fawn and white, Wild Irish bitch that, once she matures, should go on to her championship and beyond. She is both cute and silly, therefore her nickname is Silly Lilly.

We are still debating on which litter we would like to get our next puppy, but rest assured, it will be a show quality dog from Jeannie and Lorraine’s litter!

Gary and Julie Shiozaki
Torrance, CA



Keyster (who is now called Tucker!) is doing great! We had a very long drive home (5 hours) and he slept a lot and mostly cried when he had to go to the bathroom or when Claire ate in front of him. I cried a lot more than that with all the miserable traffic.

He is really smart and so very happy. He is getting used to the doggie door and he know how to pee on the grass so well. We will work on the other, but I know he will get it soon.

He slept next to my bed, in his new bed and he woke up every 2-3 hours and peed on the grass right away. He likes his bed a lot and after a few times of me putting back in it, he went to sleep.

He is eating well and woke up at 5:45. We played, he ate, peed, pooped, played and now he is asleep. That’s a good routine for when I go back to work.

A lot of crying in the playpen and in the crate. He just wants to be with us.

You obviously put a lot into his upbringing because he is used to so many things and he is a very good puppy!

i promise I won’t send you anymore lengthy emails. Just wanted you to know he continues to be a wonderful boy.

Warm regards,


P.S. Claire is head over heels in love with him!


Hi, Jeannie,

I was just looking at your website (very nice) and thought I would drop you a note. I don’t know if you remember me – us – because it’s been 12 years since we picked up our beloved Henry from you (you had named him Zorro because of the black muzzle, which he has no more). Yes, he’s 12 now, and just as feisty as the day we brought him home. I don’t know how often you hear back from owners, but I just wanted to let you know that he has been with us all this time, and we – Gary and I – don’t know what we’d do without him. I remember when we picked him out of the litter you told us that he was going to be a handful because he was the “A” personality of his litter, pushing his littermates around, and he still is.

He has brought so much joy to our lives, and we love him so much it hurts. At this point, he has the beginnings of kidney disease, which we’re monitoring with the vet and keeping him on a special diet. Other than that, he’s been really pretty healthy all of these years, and has every tooth in his head because we started early having his teeth cleaned once a month. In fact, the “rather artful” photo attached is of me and Henry waiting for our appointment to get his teeth cleaned.

I see that you’re still very active showing and breeding these wonderful dogs, and I’m glad to see your passion is still with you. Although I love all animals and certainly all dogs, because of our experience with Henry, I can’t imagine having any other breed.

I hope you are well and still enjoying life. I really just wanted to thank you for giving us this package of love 12 years ago, and to let you know that the puppy you handed over to us is the center of our lives, has had a wonderful life, and continues to be loved beyond words. Right now he is staring up at me and whining because he wants my attention, so I’ll have to sign off now because, why? – it’s all about Henry.

Many, many thanks!

Best regards,


Henry & Darrell-Prisma Photo