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Jeannie Love

In 1987, I decided to acquire a dog and began researching different breeds as I wanted a purebred dog. I looked at Yorkshire Terriers, Miniature Pinschers, and Chihuahuas, all small, companion dogs, but they didn’t seem to fit my idea of the ideal companion dog. Then, on that fateful day, I saw an ad in my employee newspaper. The ad was for a non-show quality Italian Greyhound, also known in the trade as an IG or an Iggy. Well, I loved the look of a greyhound but didn’t want such a big dog. Being curious I called the owner of the IG and found that it was a “toy” Greyhound. He was 8 months old, neutered and ready to go to his forever home – yup, that was my home and Rocky started my, now lifelong, love of this incredibly wonderful breed.

After a couple years, I acquired a co-ownership of Rocky’s litter sister, Polly (a retired champion) and agreed to breed one litter for her owner/breeder. That 1991 breeding provided my first “show” dog, Willie. I showed Willie for one year and wasn’t very successful (well, he wasn’t the best example of a show dog, but he was a wonderful companion), so I purchased another IG, Champion Mira the Heir Apparent (Harry). Harry was my ideal IG and he, along with a lovely red girl named Mira Cherry Tart, produced Amore’s Ramblin Rose, who was bred to Ch. Mira Time After Time and produced what has turned out to be my foundation bitch, Ch. Amore’s Til the End of Time (Tillie). She, along with the beautiful Ch. LaScala Il Leone d’Tucker (Tony) bred and owned by Lilian Barber, La Scala Italian Greyhounds, proved to be the beginning of a very successful breeding program. Tillie and Tony produced 8 champions! I am now breeding from the 3rd generation of those incredible two dogs. During the intervening 24 years, I have bred and/or shown 26 champions, never producing more than one litter per year.

In August of 1998, I met Lorraine Ebdon (Chaulait Italian Greyhounds) when she purchased a little white girl with fawn markings named Amore’s Madame Chaulait. We have become very close friends and are now breeding partners. Together we purchased a lovely seal/white bitch, Ch. Pikop Your Amore`at Chaulait (Trix) and have had great success incorporating her into our breeding program.

I have been a member of the parent club, the Italian Greyhound Club of America http://www.italiangreyhound.org/, for 22 years. I have chaired (or co-chaired) many regional specialties and designed and managed the AKC/Eukenuba Meet the Breeds booth for 3 years, winning a Group 2 award for our booth design in 2009.